BREAKING: Large Fire In Disused Night Club In Conway Street Burnt Late Into The Night

Updated: Jan 5

Fire At Club Near The Waterfront Burnt Late Into The Night

The disused Venue club in Conway Street on fire in the Borough of Wirral (Credit: Peter Eric Lang/The Liverpudlian).

At approximately 9:40pm on Wednesday, 24th April 2019, a large fire broke out in a disused nightclub on Conway Street in the inner suburbs of the Borough of Wirral.

At around 11:00pm, the blaze was still going strong, with smoke plumes pouring out of the building. Firefighters where in the building next to the increasingly derelict building that housed the club 'venue', the crew was spraying the wall with water in order to prevent damage to the structure of the building next to it.

The building has been used for several different ventures since its construction, however, was used initially as a picture house back in the 1970s.

Fire engines had arrived at the scene within minutes of the fire starting, with a total of five engines being on the scene to try and save the building before it became completely engulfed in flames.

Arson is a being considered a possible cause after talking to witnesses that were on the scene, who were nearby around the time that the fire occurred.

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