About The Liverpudlian

What Does Peter Aim To Achieve?


The Liverpudlian is  local Scouse culture geek , Peter Eric Lang's amalgamation of a multimedia love letter to the city he loves. 'Multimedia' is the keyword being used here. From illustrations to photographs and written articles, The Liverpudlian wants to record the lifeblood of the city and appreciate what is going on around the Liverpool Bay Area.

Quality content regardless of what's being covered as what may seem trivial to one person may mean the world to another. From how the different boroughs in the Liverpool City Region look now, to locals gaining recognition for their talents such as acting, music, business, art and creativity - we are called The Pool Of Talent for a reason and I want to help capture it.


Writing about stuff that is often overlooked, here's a little taster:

1. from Clive Barker, the Liverpudlian that created Hellraiser, being the first openly gay horror Director & Producer to...

1.5  the City having the first designated Gay Quarter in the UK

2.  the Birth of The Beatles happening in Port Sunlight, the beautiful area of the suburbs in the city's Borough of Wirral, as it was the first time that Ringo Starr played with The Beatles...

2.5 another fun fact - Port Sunlight is also the part of the City Region that Pete Burns is from - the lead of the international sensation, Dead Or Alive.

  3.  the Liverpool Bay Area has the largest wind turbine farm in Europe, yeah, that's right... I find that interesting. I'd deffo read the first sentence again.


The Liverpudlian's  mission being:


I.//  Record as much scouse culture as possible in as many creative ways as possible.

II. // Capture content in  multiple mediums  - photographs. words. video. audio. art.

III. // Categorise. Categorise. Categorise.  -- make the content as accessible as possible so if you want to find out about a piece of our history, our present or our future. You can.

IV. // 'Treat 'em well whilst they're 'ere.' is what Peter's grandad used to say. Appreciating life and the Scousers across the city region (as well as those that now call the city home) that offer us so much is crucial and giving them credit for the rich layers that add to the continuously evolving Liverpudlian painting means everything.


IV, a. // From street stickers to murals, indie coffee houses to theatres and galleries. Working in the suburbs or the scouse epicentre Everyone has something to offer - and a story to tell. Appreciating people and what they bring to the city is a core component to The Liverpudlian.

IV, b. \\ Appreciating things whilst they're here isn't just applicable to people ya'know. I loved the flyovers in the city centre, i can't exactly put my finger on it, but I loved them. They were unusual. Quirky. Part of the city. And I never took a photograph of them whilst they were there - Get what I mean?

V. // Did I mention categorise?

VI. \\ Share stories, share experience, share laughs, share new beginnings and let people know of the exciting news and events going on across the city - through podcasts, written articles, videos, images and art.

VII,. // Have  as much material freely available  as possible [see mission(s) III. & V.] for anyone to access and learn. I want to have the muli-media content as openly available for everyone to enjoy as possible - but without google ads and pop-ups.

So to make an income to support the liverpudlian and build a stable base for it in the long run (hosting costs, software, my time...), I will;

a. be offering creative services to help local brands/businesses/creatives showcase their work with gorgeous websites.

B. offer bespoke advertisement space for local businesses/ people to hire out (must be within the Liverpool Metropolitan Area) and they must fit within the particular guidelines.

see. I can provide posts that are explicitly paid for, they would be editorially written and would essentially be an advertisement article - however, this would be noticeable and no deception would be taking place as it would be clearly labelled and not posted through my Liverpudlian profile. This too, is just for if a local business that wants any additional coverage to that which I already do. This again would be limited to the Liverpool Metro Area.

d. sell a range of absolutely gorgeous merchandise with original illustrations that I have created. This would include clothing, pin-back buttons, coffee coasters and more. 

e. offer a Subscription to The Liverpudlian which means you get a special Liver Bird pin on your profile, a bit of discount from the Shop and are helping support my work.

V#! // last ONE i PROMISE. 8 is important to me. Just how all the others are too. For me, it's about creating a resource. I'd love The Liverpudlian to be somewhere that you can just explore and get lost in. You can pore over the articles, photographs and content and be really immersed in The World in One City.








The aim is essentially to  capture the life of  the Liverpool City Region and its people. A metropolis of more than 1.5 million people across six boroughs in one of the world's most vibrant and historic city's is something worth recording (it's definitely the best city though).


short docs.

image galleries.




on-the-ground reporting.


   'The Liverpudlian is local Scouse culture geek, Peter Eric Lang's amalgamation 
      of a multimedia love letter to the city he loves.'