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What Does The Liverpudlian Aim To Achieve?


The Liverpudlian is  local Scouse culture geek , Peter Eric Lang's amalgamation of a multimedia love letter to the city he loves. 'Multimedia' is the keyword being used here. From illustrations to photographs and written articles, The Liverpudlian wants to record the lifeblood of the city and appreciate what is going on around the Liverpool Bay Area.

Quality content regardless of what's being covered as what may seem trivial to one person may mean the world to another. From how the different boroughs in the Liverpool City Region look now, to locals gaining recognition for their talents such as acting, music, business, art and creativity - we are called The Pool Of Talent for a reason and we want to help capture it.


Writing About Culture That Is Often Overlooked:


The Liverpudlian is a growing news & culture website that focuses on the fantastic things going on across the Liverpool City Region.


Read by Liverpudlians from across the Liverpool Metropolitan Area's Six Boroughs, as well as in almost every country from around the world, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, India, China, Norway, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina and South Africa, across mobile devices, tablets and desktops.

The Ultimate Goal:

The aim is essentially to  capture the life of the Liverpool City Region  and its people. A metropolis of more than 1.5 million people across six boroughs in one of the world's most vibrant and historic city's is something worth recording (it's definitely the best city though, we may be slightly biased though).

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'The Liverpudlian is local Scouse culture geek, Peter Eric Lang, in which he produces an amalgamation of a multimedia content as a love letter to the city he adores.'


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