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The Liverpudlian brings you great multi-media content and it takes a lot of work, dedication, love & passion for all things Liverpool. Subscribe to us to get the most out of the news and gain fantastic benefits through supporting independent content creation.

Choose Your Subscription To The Liverpudlian

  • Copper Liver Bird

    Every month
    For Those Wanting To Support Peter In Producing Content.
    • Copper Liver Bird Profile Badge.
    • Support our work for the price of a large cappuccino.
    • Access to the Members Area.
    • Participate in the Discussion Boards & Comment Sections.
    • Comment & Share Articles to Participate in the Discussion.
    • Like and Bookmark Articles to save them for later.
    • Pin Liverpudlian Covers to your Pinterest Board.
    • Keep The Liverpudlian Freely Available So Anyone Can Learn.
    • Monthly selection of images for phone & laptop backgrounds.


Our services will renew on a monthly or yearly basis until cancelled depending on what tier you select. If you wish to no longer subscribe to The Liverpudlian please cancel your plan in advance of renewal. We reserve the right to change the pricing of the tiers and the rewards for subscription and any point without any prior notice. If you need any support please contact us. If any information on this page is no longer current, please inform us so we may update the information.

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