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Exploring: The Pier Head - The Royal Liver Building & Liverpool Waterfront Information And History

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

The Liverpudlian Explores The Pier Head In The Heart Of The Liverpool City Region

The Pier Head is home to outstanding, world-class architecture. Other neighbourhoods like the City Region’s Commercial District is only a short distance from The Pier Head.

The Pier Head is home to The Three Graces. The most iconic being the Gothic Royal Liver Building which was the UK’s first skyscraper, towering over the City Region.

It is also home to the Cunard Building which was constructed for the Cunard Steamship Company, as well as the Port of Liverpool Building which is the oldest of The Three Graces.

The Pier Head has The Strand running through it, one of the City Region’s busiest roads that links various key parts of the City Centre and directly links to the City’s Borough of Wirral via the Queensway Tunnel.

The Royal Liver Building is the icon of Liverpool. It was constructed between 1908 and 1911. It was designed by exceptional local architect Walter Aubrey Thomas from the City Region’s inner suburbs of Birkenhead.

Walter Aubrey Thomas was also the architect of numerous other Grade Listed buildings in the City Centre and wider City Region. He was responsible for Hanover House, Tower Building and Lord Street Arcade to name but a few.


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