British Commentary YouTuber, Memeulous, Includes 'Balls Road' In Oxton In His Latest GeoGuessr Video

Memeulous, A Comedic Commentary YouTuber From London Features The Borough Of Wirral In His 'Inappropriate Geoguessr Moments' Video

You can view the most relevant part of the video at 7 minutes at 15 seconds in.

Memeulous, a comedic commentary YouTuber from London featured a local road as the thumbnail to his video.

Balls Road in the Oxton Area of the Borough of Wirral in the Liverpool City Region was a key part to the YouTuber's video. The now increasingly famous Balls Road runs from the heart of the designated conservation area village nestled in the bustling metropolis down towards the River past the historic Williamson Art Gallery & Museum with a stunning view of the suburban rooftops and of the skyscrapers in the not-so-far distance.

The reason why it was featured in the video, however, was for some numerous reasons. The title of the commentators video almost says it all: 'Inappropriate Geoguessr Moments'. He plays the popular online game Geoguessr and is playing a mode that is out to look for harmless areas around the UK that could be interpreted as rude or inappropriate through a certain lens.<