'The Batman' Halloween & Gotham City Street Scenes | On-The-Ground Reporting By Peter Eric Lang

Camera Crews, Props, Vehicles, Extras & Actors Could Be Seen In Liverpool's Cultural Quarter Filming For 'The Batman'

Gotham City night scenes, street scenes and a supposedly Halloween scene where being filmed outside St. George's Hall in Liverpool City Centre.

On the East side of St. George's Hall, large letters where pasted upon each of the podiums, with the first letter being sprayed onto a large board and lent against the Hall's grand, Gothic podium. The letters spelt out 'REROKE', which could possibly be the name of an new enemy or group in Batman, or possibly a riddle laid out on the streets of Gotham, which Liverpool is acting as, by one of the Batman's feared enemies, The Riddler.

Groups of people, presumably extras, where being filmed walking down the front steps of St. George's Hall in costume carrying pumpkin baskets, and Halloween-inspired props such as sticks with masks on and what look like spooky looking scarecrows.