Shirley Ballas & Krishnan Guru-Murphy Star In Special Episode Of Taskmaster For New Years

Updated: Apr 9

The Two Liverpudlians Both Appeared On Task Master's New Years Treat

Shirley Ballas and Krishnan Guru-Murthy starring alongside a stallar cast on Taskmaster's New Years Treat (Credit: Channel 4).

With Shirley Ballas and Krishnan Guru-Murthy both featuring on Taskmaster's roaster, that makes 2/5 of the guests on the show Liverpudlians; an impressive display of the talent that is cultivated in the Liverpool City Region.

Greg Davies described the line-up as: 'The most ludicrous jumble of celebrities you'll ever see on television this year.'

Having been crowned the winner of the one-off special episode, Shirley Ballas took away The Taskmaster's 'mighty Golden Eyebrows' as a prize.

The programme is rated with guidance due to strong language and adult humour. Channel 4 have age restricted the programme to viewers over the age of 16 and said that it is not suitable for younger viewers.

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