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QUIZ: 10 More Liverpool Quiz Questions To Play At A Party (With Answers): 2nd Edition

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Test More Of Your Liverpudlian Knowledge On All Things Liverpool In This Quiz For All Of The Family

The SuperLambanana in Tithebarn Street in The Commercial District (Credit: The Liverpudlian/Peter Eric Lang).
The SuperLambanana in Tithebarn Street in The Commercial District (Credit: The Liverpudlian/Peter Eric Lang).

Are you looking to show your family and friends how much you know about Liverpool? Regardless of whether or not you're a Liverpool dweller or just enjoy visiting The World in One City. The Liverpudlian is a treasure trove of journalistic endevours for the Liverpool City Region, through which you will always learn something new.

Now, find out if you are a mastermind in all things Scouse or if you need to brush up on all things Liverpool.


  1. What is the name of the latest skyscraper to be added to the Liverpool Waterfront?

  2. Which Liverpool City Region Borough is Jamie Carragher from?

  3. Who is the Liverpool Screen School Campus Building, part of Liverpool John Moores University, named after?

  4. How many miles is Goodison Park from Anfield? You get a point each for general walking/driving distance and for 'as the eagle flies' distance, aka, directly in a straight line without any detours.

  5. Was Liverpool the first city in the UK to have a Gay Quarter?

  6. Which season of Tin Star was set and filmed in the Liverpool City Region?

  7. In what year was the SuperLambanana unveiled in Liverpool City Centre?

  8. What does the local acronym, SSOSVA, stand for?

  9. How tall is The Royal Liver Building?

Now that you have all gave your best shot at acing the quiz, check out the answers below to see how many answers you got correct.


  1. The latest skyscraper gracing the skyline of the Liverpool City Region is called The Lexington, an £80 Million development residing in the Liverpool Waters Neighbourhood of Princes Dock.

  2. Jamie Carragher is from Bootle in Liverpool's Borough of Seton.

  3. LJMU's Liverpool Screen School Building is named The Redmonds Building after Phil Redmond, the fantastically creative producer and creator of Hollyoaks and Brookside. In the Redmonds Building students study degrees in Journalism, Creative Writing, Drama, Film Studies and Media Production.

  4. Goodison Park is approximately 1 Mile from Anfield if travelling by foot or car and will take around a five minute drive. As the eagle flies, they are approximately 0.56 Miles apart.

  5. Liverpool was indeed the first city in the UK to have the first Gay Quarter. It is located in the City Centre and focused on Stanley Street and the surrounding streets and area.

  6. Tin Star: Liverpool was the third and final season of the series. It used local locations including Liverpool City Centre, New Brighton and numerous dockland areas.

  7. The SuperLambanana was unveiled to the public in 1998. It was created by Japanese artist Taro Chiezo who is based in New York City.

  8. Any of the following will be accepted: Goat Simulator, Sun Sackboy! Run, The Playroom, Blur, James Bond 007: Bloodstone. Please note, there are many more examples.

  9. The SSOSVA stands for Secret Society Of Super Villain Artists and is a local group of Liverpool street artists.

  10. The Royal Liver Building is 322 feet tall, or 98.2 metres.

Make sure to check back for more quizzes from The Liverpudlian and explore our Liverpool News feed for fascinating research, information and all of the latest news on the Liverpool City Region.