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QUIZ: 10 Liverpool Quiz Questions To Play At A Party (With Answers): 1st Edition

Updated: May 22

Test Your Knowledge On All Things Liverpool In This Quiz For All Of The Family

Liverpool Town Hall in the heart of the Seven Streets Quarter in Liverpool City Centre (Credit: The Liverpudlian/Peter Eric Lang).
Liverpool Town Hall in the heart of The Seven Streets Quarter in Liverpool City Centre (Credit: The Liverpudlian/Peter Eric Lang).

Are you looking to show your family and friends how much you know about Liverpool? Regardless of whether or not you're a Liverpool dweller or just enjoy visiting The World in One City.

The Liverpudlian is a treasure trove of Scouse knowledge and information for the Liverpool City Region, through which you will always learn something new.

Now, find out if you are a mastermind in all things Scouse or if you need to brush up on all things Liverpool.


  1. In what year did Liverpool host the European Capital of Culture?

  2. How many storeys tall is West Tower, the city's tallest skyscraper?

  3. What was the name of the scientific research ship that was recently built at Cammell Laird?

    1. Plus, you can earn a bonus point if you can provide the name that was voted in a public poll and was given to the onboard lifeboat.

  4. Which James Bond video game was developed in Liverpool?

    1. Plus, you can earn a bonus point if you can name the developer.

  5. How many professional football clubs are there in the Liverpool City Region?

  6. What was the original name of Liverpool, and for a bonus point; how was it spelt?

  7. How many Beatles are there?

    1. Plus, you can earn a bonus point if you can provide their first names.

  8. Can you name three Port of Liverpool areas?

  9. What is the name of Steven Gerrard's wife?

  10. How many streets were there in Liverpool originally?

  11. Bonus: What was the name of the M&S Bank Arena (Liverpool Arena) during the Eurovision 2023 celebrations in Liverpool?

Now that you have all given your best shot at acing the quiz, check out the answers below to see how many answers you got correct.


  1. In 2008 the city won European Capital of Culture.

  2. West Towers is 40 storeys tall and is currently the tallest building in the Liverpool City Region.

  3. RRS Sir David Attenborough.

    1. The name Boaty McBoatFace was given to the lifeboat on the ship after a public vote.

  4. 'James Bond 007: Bloodstone'.

    1. Bloodstone was developed by Liverpool games company, Bizarre Creations.

  5. There are three professional football clubs in the City Region; Liverpool FC, Everton FC and Tranmere Rovers FC.

  6. Liverpool's original name was 'Liuerpul' which meant 'pool with muddy water'.

  7. There are four Beatles.

    1. And their names are John, Paul, George and Ringo.

  8. The Port of Liverpool spans three Liverpool Boroughs: The City of Liverpool, the Borough of Wirral and the Borough of Sefton. Any of these answers are acceptable: Pier Head, Birkenhead, Dingle, Seacombe, Brunswick, Bootle, Wallasey and Seaforth.

  9. Steven Gerrard's wife is Alex Curran.

  10. There were originally seven streets in Liverpool.

  11. Bonus: The M&S Bank Arena was renamed the 'BBC Arena' during the celebrations when Liverpool hosted Eurovision 2023 on behalf of Ukraine.

Make sure to check back for more quizzes from The Liverpudlian and explore our Liverpool News feed for fascinating research, information and all of the latest exciting news on the City Region.

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Question 3 is actually hilarious!!


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This was a good read 👍

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