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Exploring: The Hamilton Quarter In The Liverpool City Region - Architecture, History & Statues

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

The Liverpudlian Explores The Hamilton Quarter In The Heart Of The Liverpool City Region And Its Various Amazing Offerings

Birkenhead is a key part of the Port of Liverpool and has been essential for the operations in the Liverpool Bay Area since the mid-1800s. This significance is evidenced by the grandeur of the area’s architecture.

The First World War Poet was raised in the Birkenhead area of the City Region. He is remembered for telling the ‘Pity of War’ through his bleak poems.

Hamilton Square has the most Grade I Listed Buildings in a square outside of London, second only to Trafalgar Square.

Getting here by train is only one stop away on the underground train system from Liverpool City Centre - just board at James Street Station!

Hamilton Square houses grand buildings & monuments such as the Queen Victoria Monument in the heart of the Square, Birkenhead Town Hall, and 63 Hamilton Square which is the former home of shipbuilder John Laird.

Explore what the Liverpool City Region’s inner suburbs have to offer! You can hop on the bus & get off at the first stop outside of the tunnel, it will only take you less than 10 minutes of travel time!

After exploring The Hamilton Quarter, you can stop off at cosy coffee shops such as Liberty Bell Coffee directly across the road from the train station.


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