Baltic Street Art: Flint St & New Bird St Artwork in The Baltic Triangle; The City's Coolest Hangout

Updated: Apr 11

Street Artwork From Across The City's Creative District

Street Art Owls by Nonconform on New Bird Street in The Baltic Triangle, Liverpool City Centre (Credit: The Liverpudlian/Peter Eric Lang).
Street Art Owls by Nonconform on New Bird Street in The Baltic Triangle, Liverpool City Centre (Credit: The Liverpudlian/Peter Eric Lang).

The Baltic Triangle; the Liverpool City Region's coolest hangout, is home to some of the best street art in the UK, with almost every nook and cranny dedicated to exceptional street art, murals and graffiti. From businesses paying to have their premises revitalised to stand out with the greatest art, to the encouraged bohemian creativity that is splashed all over the district. Baltic Creative's goals of creating the creative place to be in the UK is clearly evident with the success of their goals shown in these murals alone. The Baltic's culture cannot be contained. Here are some of the best pieces I found on New Bird Street; one of the district's back roads.

Following on from New Bird Street that runs from the upper Baltic District and straight down away from the Anglican Cathedral and towards Queens Dock, cutting through the bustling Jamaica Street to a quieter currently underdeveloped part of the district; Flint Street. This road, albeit the home to several disused buildings, is in its own right a hidden gem. The street is packed full of street art, with innovation pulsating at every corner. Below is just a select few pieces of artwork that you can find on Flint Street if you visit The Baltic Triangle in the City Centre. Plus there's YARD & District that backs onto both New Bird Street and Flint Street that showcases up and coming bands in the District club, with YARD offering ale and cocktails in an outdoor bar area.

These streets are full of creative exploration through art, with bordered up windows displaying weird and wonderful aliens to shutters, concrete and brick walls being brought alive with all sorts of original illustrations. Roller shutters, electric boxes, lamp posts and hatches, all are viable canvases for creatives in the eclectic beating heart of the urban sprawl of the Region. From spray cans to paint brushes and stickers slapped across an array of structures, everything feels almost planned to be the perfect haven for creatives, yet most of it, is not. Stencil, freehand, planned to perfection or make it up as you go. There are no limitations to the creativity in this thriving neighbourhood.

There is such delightful charm in the mixed up amalgamation of the Baltic Triangle. From peeling paint to chipped brick, weeds and distressed shutters; every which direction brings sight to a unique building full of character or a quirky entry or road that you will only find in the Baltic. There is such a sense of community that can be felt in the air and a relaxing vibe that is brought into play with independent businesses and creative offices lining the streets to the overwhelming amount of cafes and bars squeezed into buildings and nestled into corners at every turn. The Baltic is a feast for the eyes and this selection of artwork only scrapes the surface of what the area has to offer both locals and tourists.

From the hyper-busy tourist destination of the Waterfront District, the historic St. George's Quarter, the up-and-coming Knowledge Quarter to the buzzing Commercial District; the Baltic has such a different, defined pace of life that differs significantly from each of the other City Centre's Districts and Quarters. After all, this neighbourhood has organically flourished into something dramatically different, as well as the sheer fact it is a Triangle and not a Quarter. With an ever growing sense of presence, and national recognition, the Baltic has begun spilling over into various streets away from its core, with the reopening of Cains Brewery just over Upper Parliament Street as a multipurpose collective of independent businesses, to the brand new developments such as The Baltic Square a couple of blocks over.