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‘What’s the obsession with The Baltic?’

Seriously though, ‘What’s the obsession with The Baltic?’

some notes:

‘What’s the obsession with The Baltic?’

Going to school somewhere may sound like a bit of an odd

choice, but it was more than just going to school.

On my lunch break I’d get a pasta box

from Terry at Jamaica Street Snack Shop,

and sit and chat with my mate, go for a wander,

learn the names of the streets, soak in the history &

architecture, have a laugh.

Sound City. Culture. People. Music. Food. Quirky buildings.

Terry’s, again & again. Just so good. Obvs, coffee too.

have scran with me mate on the grass verge

and look out to the city centre.

The making of someone.

A Scouse urbanite in love with his city. You could say idyllic.

The making of someone.


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