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How Liverpudlians Reacted To Home Bargains Claiming They Where Going To Change Their Name

The Liverpudlian Supermarket Chain From Liverpool Claimed They Were Going To Change Their Name Back, Here's How Liverpudlians From Across The City Region Reacted

Liverpudlians across the Region commented on the post by Home Bargains, with some seeing through the potential ruse as it was the 1st April, whilst others were genuinely excited at the possibility of the iconic Liverpool brand returning to its original name that Liverpudlians still refer to it as.

After the re-band of Home & Bargain in 1995 in which they changed their name to Home Bargains, people in the Liverpool Region still refer to the shop as its original name, Home & Bargain.

The reason that this matters so much is because people across The Six Boroughs of the Liverpool City Region still to this day refer to Home Bargains as 'Home and Bargain'. The company reverting back to its former name would, in a humorous way, mean a lot to locals.

The Excitement For A Long Awaited Revival

Whilst many were excited by the news, a number of locals commenting on the post immediately guessed that it was April Fools related.

The post on their social media profile gained more than 900 likes and over 200 comments. Customers left a variety of comments; from delight with the news to stories of why they love the original name as it reminds them of Liverpudlian relatives and others including:

Jessica replied: 'My husband's Grandma never stopped calling you Home & Bargain, whenever I hear it (usually when in Liverpool or the Wirral) makes me think of her'.
Simon added: 'Asda will be changing theirs to The Asda next'.
Lynn said: 'Everyone calls it that anyway'.
Mark said: 'Aw I got excited then, can you not just call the new Kirkby one Home and Bargain? We all call it that anyway'.
David said: 'Looks a bit 1970s but it will do the job well. Sign makers will be made up with you lot.'
Jade added: '1 minute into April fools and you went straight in'.
Chris said: 'If this is an April fools the majority of Liverpool will probably hunt you down'
Sarah said: 'Haha if only this was true it would mean that my auntie would finally get the name right'.
Mark agreed, saying: 'You know it makes sense'.
Martain did not get caught up in the excitement and said: 'Nice try with the April fool thing!'
Another said: 'I don’t know a single person who says ‘I’m going to Home Bargains’, just doesn’t happen Home & Bargain always'.
Chris said: 'It won’t catch on'. Which is almost certainly in humour.

The Disappointment That Ensued

After these excited responses for a brand that means so much to those in the City Region, albeit in a numerous yet still genuinely important way. You can imagine how feelings were then hurt when the whole thing was a charade as part of an April Fools joke.

In the comments section of the social media post, locals spoke about their feelings towards the name Home & Bargain after it was revealed that the name would not be reverted to how it originally was:

Kathryn said: 'Defo always be home & bargain in Liverpool'.
Another said: 'You caused murder today' followed by a number of unimpressed and angry emojis.
Michelle added: 'Bring back home & bargains!'
Paul said: 'It will still always be called home and bargain in Liverpool'.
With Karen adding: 'Try being a Scouser in Manchester & trying to explain why I still call it Home and Bargain! Everyone thinks I’m making it up!'

Although this may all be in good fun, it is something that people in the Region genuinely love and call Home and Bargains without a second thought. The company clearly knows its local geographical demographic and wanted to acknowledge the famous Scouse humour.

Whilst this may not be happening, just yet, at least, it can still be a talking point for those outside of the Liverpool to stop a native of the Region and tell them that they're saying it wrong, even though we are the originals saying it correctly.

Please note: Some comments may have been moderately edited for readability purposes in the context of this article, such as the removal of numerous exclamation marks or the capitalisation of particular words.


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