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Home Bargains Is Changing Its Name Back To Home & Bargain After 26 Years

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Home Bargains, The Staple Store For People In The Liverpool City Region, Has Announced It Is Changing It's Name Back To Home And Bargain

The new Home & Bargain storefront featuring the new logo as Tweeted by Home Bargains online (Credit: TJ Morris/Home Bargains).
The new Home & Bargain storefront featuring the new logo as Tweeted by Home Bargains online (Credit: TJ Morris/Home Bargains).

Home Bargains, the supermarket chain founded in Liverpool has announced something Liverpudlians have been looking forward to for years, it's changing its name back to Home & Bargains.

When the company was founded in 1976 in the suburban area of Old Swan in the City of Liverpool, by then 21-year-old Tom Morris, it was know as 'Home and Bargain'.

In 1995 the company branding changed from Home and Bargain to Home Bargains.

Although, people in the Liverpool Region to this day still refer to it as the original Home and Bargains name. People were so used to its name after 19 years of shopping there and with its expansion across The Six Boroughs, it only enforced the original name to become an established and almost crucial part of Liverpool culture.

'Yes, Home and Bargain is coming back! What do you think of our new logo?' - Home Bargains on Twitter.

As the company opened up more stores across the country after the brand change and gained further recognition, it was stuck with the rest of the UK calling it Home Bargains, and Liverpudlians calling it Home and Bargain.

On Twitter, Home Bargains posted an image of a company store with a redesiged logo showing the Home & Bargain logo. It said: 'Yes, Home and Bargain is coming back!' They added: 'What do you think of our new logo?'

The Tweet was posted today, on the 1st April, in the early hours of this morning at 12:01am.

With the news being announced today, many people across the City Region will undoubtedly be excited to have the company return to it's origins in regards to its name. The company has still remained very much Liverpudlian in the many things that it does, with the comapny having also earned the feat of being the largest privatly owned company employer in the Liverpool City Region, and one of the largest in the UK, with more than 500 stores and over 22,000 employees.

It is worth noting though, that today, the 1st April 2021, is indeed April Fools Day. So we should keep an eye out for any trickery as the day goes on. Although hopes may be high, we should stay cautiously optimistic about the news.


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