INTERVIEW: Honey Motel Chat About Their Upcoming Headliner At The Arts Club & Their Latest Single

Walker & Sam From Local Band, Honey Motel, Chat About Their Recent Live Performance at FestEVOL, Their Upcoming Headline Gig And Their Latest Single

Matt Walker and Sam Meredith of local four-piece band, Honey Motel, met me at LEAF on Bold Street in town to chat about the fantastic things that they are up to.

I arrived slightly early to the booking at one of my many favourite City Centre hangouts to ensure that the table I booked was secured. We agreed to meet at LEAF, a stunning urban paradise that would offer us the opportunity to chat and record an interview in a vibrant yet relaxed setting.

The tea room-come-bar is located in the buzzing Ropewalks district of town, and it was just before 7 o'clock in the evening so there was a nice vibe to the place.

'And that's kind of the same way, when you know every single beat and bar, and every single track off by heart - you don't have to think about what's coming next. Then you can focus on having a good time with your mates, and enjoying the day and enjoying the set.' - Honey Motel.

As I was texting them to let them know I had arrived, I saw on their Instagram Story they were filming their walk towards Bold Street and chatting about how this is the first in-person interview that they were doing as any previous ones had been over video calls.

After spotting them outside waiting on the main road I waved them to come inside. I was sat in the snug sofa part of LEAF by the window facing out onto the thriving independent-driven street.

They both made their way inside and greeted me warmly. We all got comfortable and ordered some drinks and got to know one another more. Chatting about all sorts from our favorite music to video games, TV shows and beer.

After an hour or so of talking we said about getting a table outside to record a conversation about the things that they're up to

Read the interview below and listen to our full conversation by playing the video embedded at the top of the page, now here is Walker and Sam of Honey Motel talking about the amazing things they are up to.



Peter Eric Lang (The Liverpudlian): Hello, it's The Liverpudlian. I'm with Walker and Sam from Honey Motel. So, guys, do you want to just introduce yourselves a little bit.

Matt Walker (Honey Motel): 'Hello, my names Walker. I'm the lead singer in Honey Motel.'

Peter: 'And Sam.'

Sam Meredith (Honey Motel): 'Yeah, I'm Sam, I play guitar and keys in the wonderful band, Honey Motel.'

Peter: 'So we've just been chatting for about an hour or so in LEAF. Had a couple, couple of beers. And now we are- and a coffee. And now we are-'

Sam: 'Had coffee, cause one's driving.'

Walker: 'And we're responsible adults.'

All: '*Laughs*'

Peter: 'And now we're sitting on the street - not on the street, but like, in-'

Walker: 'On the floor. Cars keep beeping at us.'

All: '*Laughs*'

Peter: 'But like, we're sitting outside on Bold Street and enjoying the atmosphere, which is very nice. So, you where recently at FestEVOL, and you were great, you were playing an afternoon set. And yeah, so do you want to tell us a little bit about the band and how you felt FestEVOL went, All Dayer: Part One.'

Sam: 'Yeah, we opened the festival so it was erm... I think we were just using it as a kind of like example to show that we could still play live, and we didn't mess up and we knew how to play songs and things like that.

It was just kind of just to "let's get our feet back on the ground" where we're comfortable and we know what we're doing. And everything that we wanted to do went well.