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How The Liverpool LGBTQ+ Scene Has Impacted The World

Updated: May 17, 2022

The Liverpool City Region Has A Historic And Vibrantly Evolving LGBTQ+ Culture

Stanley Street, the focal point of The Gay Quarter in Liverpool City Centre (Credit: The Liverpudlian/Peter Eric Lang).
Stanley Street, the focal point of The Gay Quarter in Liverpool City Centre (Credit: The Liverpudlian/Peter Eric Lang).

The Gay Community in Liverpool has often converged from its various boroughs and culminated in the City Centre. From Liverpudlians such as Pete Burns and Paul O'Grady that pushed the boundaries for greater expression, to Clive Barker breaking the mold and becoming one of the first openly gay horror directors.

The Liverpool City Region is full of expression and has brought to the world a number of people that have helped others feel empowered to be themselves.

Here are some of the fantastic achievements that Liverpool, and its LGBTQ+ champions, have to be proud of.

The First Designated Gay Quarter In The UK

Liverpool was the first city in the UK to have a designated Gay Quarter. It is generally referred to as the Liverpool Gay Quarter, The Stanley Street Quarter (as it is centred around Stanley Street), or just simply as Gay Town. You will be able to know when you are in The Gay Quarter as the street signs have a rainbow on them.

Home To National & International Icons:

The Liverpool City Region is home to a whole host of incredible Liverpudlians that hail from the city's boroughs and those that love the city so much, it is now their home and they have become part of local culture. There are countless people from across Liverpool that identify as LGBTQ+ and are of esteemed positions; from painters and directors to singers, MPs and broadcasters. With so many incredible people, it is difficult to narrow down to a couple of people for an article. Here are some of fantastic Scouse superstars that have made LGBTQ+ history.

Pete Burns

The legendary international sensation, Pete Burns, was known as the lead of Liverpudlian band, Dead or Alive. Born in Liverpool's Borough of Wirral, Pete went on to gain global recognition for his work and

Clive Barker

A global star by all means, Clive Barker is a name synonymous with the horror genre. He created, wrote, produced and directed all of the Hellraiser films, which includes the terrifying Pinhead. He achieved all of that whilst simultaneously being one of the first openly gay horror directors & producers in history.

Paul O'Grady

The local legend has reached astronomical heights and is beloved by the nation.

Herbert Howe

The 'King of Bling' was the hairdresser to the stars and through his vast philanthropic work and kindness to the people of Liverpool, referred to as 'The Walt Disney of Liverpool' by close friend Linda McDermott at his funeral.

Pete Price

Pete Price is a national treasure that has called The World In One City home for almost all of his life, and has represented the gay community through his work and having given speeches before at previous Liverpool Pride's. Pete is a multi-talented entertainer, comedian, writer, radio host, columnist and author.

Pete was the best of friends with Herbert Howe - so much so, if you listen to local radio and tune into appearances he makes on Linda McDermott's show when he appears as a guest, you could be mistaken for listening to Herbert himself from the way Pete regales us with stories to his various mannerisms. There is no doubt that both Pete and Herbert would have been a blast when in the same room together, never-mind on their own.

Gary Millar

The former Lord Mayor of Liverpool has called Liverpool his home for a long time now, and was the UK's first openly gay Lord Mayor. Gary, alongside his civil partner Steve Macfarlane, made history as the first gay couple to be First Citizens.

LCR Pride - Gay Pride In The Liverpool City Region

Liverpool Pride has evolved into LCR Pride which incorporates all of Liverpool's six boroughs into the Pride Festival that is held yearly, generally focused around The Gay Quarter and at The Pier Head neighbourhoods in the City Centre.

The Importance Of Pride

This is something that I have, and intend to continue, write about throughout the year. Pride Month is necessary for visibility and to champion LGBTQ+ issues, however, you should have Pride all year round. It is not just something that happens for a month. So expect more coverage over the next month on a variety of news and events happening in the Liverpool City Region, but also expect plenty of coverage throughout the year about Liverpool's LGBTQ+ scene.


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