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Bongo's Bingo Is To 'Go XL In Liverpool' To 'Create Something Mind-Blowing For The City'

The Original Bingo Rave Is Going XL In Liverpool This Summer!

The global sensation created by Jonny Bongo and Joshua Burke is set to host their biggest Bingo Experience ever - and they mean EVER!

Hosted by Jonny Bongo and his team, the events are touching down at the epic Exhibition Centre Liverpool on the City’s famous Waterfront.

90s Forever will feature production and sound on a scale never seen before with massive prizes at the two biggest parties Bongo’s Bingo have ever created, with everything amped up to the gargantuan max.

The Exhibition Centre Liverpool will help bring the show to a whole new level for thousands of players each night, with loads of classic 90s tunes and singalongs from this vintage era. And of course, there are some very special guests dropping in too!

The UK’s Award-Winning and original Bingo rave experience started over 7 years ago in Liverpool and has evolved to lead the UK’s competitive socialising in 2022. Across Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th of August, Jonny and the team will be celebrating in the grandest of styles.

What started off as a random idea between two friends has become the most talked about night in the UK and a global phenomenon, played from Glasgow to Southampton and Blackpool to Norwich and countless locations in between, with international shows back in Dubai too.

Jonny Bongo, said: 'We are all pinching ourselves as we announce our XL shows for Liverpool. We’ve been going over 7 years now and it’s been an incredible, crazy and intense journey - I can still vividly remember having the idea with Josh and we decided to give it a go, having no idea what it would turn in to.'

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