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Beatowls Announces Album, 'MARMA', Introduced By First Single, 'Please Lie To Me' Which Is Out Now

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Liverpool Band, Beatowls — Performance Artist/Vocalist, Darcie Chazen And Musicians, Carl Cook & Tom Roberts Thread Nature And Beauty Through Concrete And Decay Across Ten Tracks, Introduced By First Single: 'Please Lie To Me'

Beatowls release 'Please Lie To Me' (Credit: Mark McNulty/Image was provided to The Liverpudlian to share, courtesy of the Publicist on behalf of their client. We make no claim to this content).
Beatowls release 'Please Lie To Me' (Credit: Mark McNulty/Image was provided to The Liverpudlian to share, courtesy of the Publicist on behalf of their client. We make no claim to this content).
  • Beatowls – 'Please Lie To Me' – OUT NOW via Violette Records.

  • Their debut album, 'MARMA', released Fri 17 November 2023.

Forming in a warehouse in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle by the river, electronic three-piece, Beatowls' exquisite, meticulously-built and finely fractured sounds guide an introspective and thought-provoking sonic journey through 'MARMA', the Liverpool collective’s captivating debut album.

A glacier flow of scratched percussion, dewdrop melodies and beautified dread, caught between dreams and reality and industry and nature, the album is released by the esteemed independent label, Violette Records, based in Liverpool and Paris, on Friday the 17th of November 2023.

Elaborate ambient needlework punctures the taut surface tension separating introspection/eccentricity, pain/joy and light/shade as Beatowls rain-refracted album, 'MARMA' is announced.

Spooling out from the album is first single, 'Please Lie To Me'. Hanging tentatively in the air to unite and divide, pitting truth versus fiction and harmony against discord, the band constructs a kitchen-sink psychodrama around vocalists, Darcie Chazen and Tom Roberts’ evocative, studied reading of romantic realism and resignation.

Building such tense and tender two-handers between them, Beatowls hall of mirrors reflects the DIY approach of Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland, warps The XX’s millennial longing onto Portishead’s sense of the sinister and distorts Nancy & Lee’s trippy idealism with the skewed romanticism and foreboding of Badalamenti/Lynch, Broadcast and Warp Records.

As if to assemble a puzzle where the myriad pieces are components of emotion, longing and atmospheric influences on perception, the trio, also including driving force, musician and producer, Carl Cook, have posted their work publicly with encouragement from a close circle of neighbouring musicians and writers in their home City.

Tom Roberts, member of Beatowls, says of the album: 'It invites listeners on a cinematic type of journey through personal and universal experiences that we hope people can relate to. we explore a delicate balance between longing and pain, the transient nature of time. It delves into the interplay of light and dark. Of nature and the city.'

You Can Watch The 'Please Lie To Me' Music Video

'Please Lie To Me'’s accompanying video, features Chazen herself in a self-directed movement piece, cut into real-time film and animation, offering a minimal, yet intense visual accompaniment to the track and bringing to light the multi-disciplinary alchemy at play in the band.

A circus performer, artist and illustrator, costume designer and vocalist/percussionist, the essential tenets of artistry, of curiosity and, as Roberts attests: 'fuckin’ around with the rules and expectations' are as embodied in this DIY approach, melding music, visual art and performance to beat a clear path to Beatowls’ alluring, perilous and searching debut album.

Violette Records, not only home to the La Violette Società performance nights in Liverpool, where Beatowls were encouraged to perform live for the first time, but also previous releases by artists including Michael Head, Jim McCulloch and Studio Electrophonique, will release 'MARMA' on vinyl and digital formats.

You can listen to 'Please Lie To Me' on all major streaming services. As well as keep up to date on all that the Beatowls are doing through their Instagram, Threads, and Twitter.


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