4 Iconic Roles Played By David Morrissey: From The Walking Dead To Doctor Who & Britannia

We Explore 4 Of The Liverpudlian Actor's Incredible Roles

There is no doubt of David Morrissey's talent, it is brimming and his presence on screen is magnetic. The beloved actor is from the Kensington area of the City of Liverpool in the Liverpool City Region.

The A-List actor has almost 100 credits to his name as an actor. He has been nominated for a BAFTA on two occasions and has been both a nominee and winner of the UK's Royal Television Society, for his role as Gordon Brown in 2003's film, The Deal.

He made a start on his career in Liverpool's theatre circuit, similarly to fellow local actor Daniel Craig. Taking the advice of his cousin, he join Liverpool's Everyman Youth Theatre

David Morrissey has made an outstanding contribution to the field of acting and to select a few roles out of his array of celebrated credits as 'the best' would only be an insult. I have instead decided to chronicle a few of his iconic roles, with more detailed pieces to come in the near future.

I will endeavour to explore more of his outstanding performances in future articles, as this could be a significantly longer article, however, I want to make it manageable and anything David Morrissey is in is fantastic. Nevertheless, here are four of the Liverpudlian actor's iconic roles.

'The Governor' In AMC's The Walking Dead

David Morrissey in his iconic portrayal of The Governor in The Walking Dead (Credit: AMC).
David Morrissey in his iconic portrayal of The Governor in The Walking Dead (Credit: AMC).

David Morrissey played the iconic Phillip Blake, AKA The Governor, in AMC's The Walking Dead, opposite an all star cast including Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun and Norman Reedus.

His portrayal of the character is iconic and intense. Morrissey has even described the nature of The Governor as 'this Jekyll and Hyde-like character'.

The way Blake cares deeply about his daughter and his 'adopted family' later on in the show, with a striking difference in his aggressive and violent outbursts.