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'Silent Cicada', A New Play From Liverpool City Region Writer, Lorna McCoid, At The Playhouse

The Latest Full-Length Play Premiering At The Liverpool Playhouse, 'Silent Cicada', Is Written & Directed By Liverpool City Region Writer, Lorna McCoid

'Silent Cicada', the latest play premiering at The Playhouse Liverpool is promising to deliver 'Sun, Sea & Slaughter'.

Liverpool Playhouse Studio and the Young Everyman Playhouse (YEP) Present a brand new full-length play from local writer Lorna McCoid, hailing from Southport in the Borough of Sefton in the Liverpool City Region.

The play opens at the Liverpool Playhouse on Friday 28 October.

The synopsis for Silent Cicada describes the play as a dark comedy-drama for those wanting a sunny escape. Time is running out for ruthless Crime Boss, Emily, as she navigates the looming threat of death in her glamorous Spanish villa. Emily is a cocaine snorting vegan criminal mastermind, faced with an existential crisis and armed with a piña colada.

This is the first full-length production of the new stage play Silent Cicada, written and directed by YEP’s Lorna McCoid and produced by YEP alumnus Rach Westhead.

'SUN, SEA AND SLAUGHTER.' - Silent Cicada.

The play stars Suzanne Fulton, Holly Brooks, Emily Horrex and Thom Williamson. The Liverpool-based actor, Thom Williamson, is one of the main stars of the play.

Silent Cicada runs from the 28th to the 29th of October at the Liverpool Playhouse Studio at 7pm.

Please note, as you may have gathered from the description, there is a content warning for the Play of: Drug abuse, strong language, violence. You can also watch the teaser trailer for the play to get a little feel for the play.

The show times are as follows:

  • Friday the 28th of Oct, 7:00pm.

  • Saturday the 29th of October, 2:30pm.

  • Saturday the 29th of October, 7:00pm.

Tickets are available to book directly on the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse website.


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