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REVIEW: Mermerising 3D Audiovisual Max Cooper Gig At The Invisible Wind Factory

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

The Surreal Audiovisual Experience Exceeded Expectations

Max Cooper's 3D/AV Live gig, in short, was phenomenal. He beautifully blended stunning visuals that gorgeously ebbed and flowed on the vast 3D screen in front of the stage.

It was a visual delight and a feast for the eyes. There were countless moments when I would close my eyes, immerse myself in Cooper's absorbing musical mastery and absorb the electronic snare's reverb vibrating through the venue.

Coming on stage after having the crowd warmed up by locals Luna Thee Frenchie from the Queensway Collective and Fourclef of Melodic Distraction Radio.

Cooper gently tapped into their tracks that had been seamlessly hyping up the audience for the previous few hours so there was virtually no musical displacement. The duo worked alongside him to build the excitement in the crowd for Cooper's solo performance which upon starting, was just breathtaking.

One of the main features of his current 3D/AV live show experiences are two massive mesh screens, one placed behind Max on the stage, and the other set in front of the stage. This therefore enabled the internationally renowned electronica mastermind to visually explore his music. With a PhD in Computational Biology you can see how it heavily influences his musical and visual style.

The venue itself, the Invisible Wind Factory, is the definition of perfect for these kinds of events. Situated in The Ten Streets Quarter in Central Liverpool it is only a short walk from The Commercial District making it accessible to attend. Home to lofty spaces which enable the ability for these types of incredible experiences to take place.

Event Location:

Invisible Wind Factory,

3 Regent Road,

Ten Streets Quarter,


City of Liverpool, L3 7DS,

Liverpool City Region, UK.

Tickets Complimentary of the Invisible Wind Factory.


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