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Montirex has launched a new campaign to ‘Break The Wall’ of silence around mental health

Montirex has launched a new campaign today to ‘Break The Wall’ of silence around mental health

Montirex, one of the fastest-growing sportswear brands, has kicked off a new campaign today to help tackle mental health issues among young men.

In support of CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), Montirex has released a powerful short, starring actor Alfie Cain, that drives home the importance of creating safe spaces for conversations to be had, and the powerful impact that simply talking to a mate can have.

To encourage conversation Montirex, will be popping up open goal posts across the country as it’s there that friends become teammates, problems are shared, and communities are formed. Together, we can break down the wall around mental health.

From the 21st June, the goalposts will be temporarily painted onto walls at selected locations in Liverpool, London, Dublin and Birmingham and accompanied with a QR code that takes users to Montirex’s Break the Wall website where users can find advice and resources and be directed to CALM.

Daniel Yuen, Co-Founder of Montirex, explains: 'Mental health is a huge challenge for young people and CALM does great work in getting support to people who need it.

“If our campaign gets more young men talking to each other and breaking down the walls that exist around mental health, we’ll be proud to have played a small part in tackling those issues.'

The campaign is being supported by Montirex athletes Leon and Fabian Edwards, Mick Conlan and artists Belters Only, as well as support from Baiteze Squad, Mohib Sheraz and Mick Medeiros.


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