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Liverpool-Based Gloomy Art Pop Artist, Cheery, Releases New Single 'True Lover'

Cheery, A Gloomy Art Pop Singer-Songwriter From Kansas Who Moved To Liverpool Releases New Single 'True Lover'

A still from Cheery's single, 'True Lover', as featured in the music video (Credit: Supplied).
A still from Cheery's single, 'True Lover', as featured in the music video (Credit: Supplied).

Kansas-native and current Liverpool resident, Cheery, releases their single, 'True Lover'.

Gloomy Art Pop project, Cheery, is the new creation of Katlyn Conroy. Achieving the impressive feat of having brought their unique sound to the Liverpool City Region all the way from Lawrence in Kansas.

With 20 years of live performance experiences in musical projects like La Guerre and Cowboy Indian Bear, Conroy has performed alongside the likes of Daniel Johnston, Florence and the Machine, Grizzly Bear, Tennis, Sara Barielles, and Why?, to name a few.

This track was written in the midsts of being trapped in an extremely abusive relationship and daydreaming of a time when this will not be the norm. It acts as a warning to anyone who believes you get infinite chances at happiness, to appreciate what you have and to recognise true love.

It also warns those experiencing violence in their relationships to retreat as opposed to building up a tolerance. All of this dark lyricism is set to a tense and choppy instrumental, meant to replicate the feelings of being tied down and pushing and pulling your way out. 'True Lover' was produced by Eric Davis from the Kansas City band, Hembree. You can watch the official music video on Cheery's YouTube Channel.

Cheery pairs cinematic instrumentation with relatable, introspective lyrics and captivating vocals to create a heart wrenching and full bodied set that has moved many audiences to tears. The abundance of transparency and sincerity in their performance gives Cheery a unique edge amongst others who instead parade cultivated theatrics. Conroy's prolific songwriting has thus far culminated in four full length solo records and five eps since 2009.

Now, in 2023, the debut Cheery record 'Bliss', out on Spirit House Records, will explore new sonic territories with a larger energy compared to her past releases.

Cheery is in posession of a powerful voice and a gift for storytelling, having established herself as one of the most exciting and innovative musicians in the Midwest, and a vital voice in the world of indie music.

If you're into the likes of Kate Bush, St. Vincent, Depeche Mode, Japanese Breakfast, Perfume Genius, The Breeders, Angel Olsen, and Pet Shop Boys, then you will more than likely enjoy Cheery.


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