Lamp Post Stickers In Campbell Square, Ropewalks By Local Artists & Creatives

Updated: May 9

Scouse Culture Spills Across Each City Centre Neighbourhood

A sticker of a rather nervous bear (Credit: The Liverpudlian/PeterEricLang).
A sticker of a rather nervous bear (Credit: The Liverpudlian/PeterEricLang).

Creativity spills out of the Liverpool City Region as much as football and music does. You only have to walk past a street corner to realise this with every walkway giving you a unique offering.

From power boxes to lamp posts, bins and brick walls. Something that is noticeable too, is context. All of this indie creativity of original stickers and seals slapped onto posts by local artists is contextual. They do it in locations that are appropriate.

Areas brimming with Scouse urbanites areas like The Baltic Triangle, The Commercial District and Ropewalks are perfect for unique creativity. Historic and conservation areas like the Knowledge Quarter, The Pier Head and the Georgian Quarter are avoided as in such a context, it would just appear distasteful and in many cases, outright disrespectful.

In the innovative urban centres like Ropewalks, where independent barbers, stores, coffee shops, bars and clubs line the streets with murals in car parks and restored buildings combined with renovated mills, this could not be better. A strong sense of cool originality adds to the atmosphere, perfectly complimenting the unique up-and-coming Liverpudlian neighbourhoods.

Originality and a creative spark is in a Scouser's veins and always finds its way into anyone who chooses to live in the Region. Walking the streets and entries throughout Liverpool City Centre, you just cannot help but be inspired.

These stickers slapped on the lamp post in Campbell Square, Ropewalks are by Scouse creatives including the Secret Society of Super Villain Artists (SSOVA), local film reviewer Def Mute Studio and indie artist Tomo Securities.