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INTERVIEW: Chatting With Owner Of Tempest On Tithebarn & Ma Boyle's, Iain Hoskins

Updated: May 29, 2021

Iain Hoskins Talks About The Exciting Future Of The Commercial District And How It Is Becoming An Exciting Destination Of Great Food, Drinks & Events

I spoke with Iain Hoskins about his latest venture in Liverpool City Centre, Tempest on Tithebarn, and how The Commercial District is becoming a destination for fantastic food, drinks and entertainment, how the districts are flowing and connecting to one another rather than being independent and separate.

As well as talking about the exciting things going on in the City Centre such as further pedestrianisation that is creating a more cosmopolitan feel of dining in the outdoors.

We also chatted about all of the fantastic offerings that Tempest on Tithebarn has to offer, from its ground floor restaurant and bar, to its artisan coffee lounge, its underground bar and roof-top venue for hire.

Listen to the interview on YouTube or SoundCloud.

You can enjoy Tempest on Tithebarn from today onward, here's the address:

Tempest on Tithebarn,

Tempest Building,

12 Tithebarn Street,

The Commercial District,

Liverpool City Centre,

City of Liverpool, L2 2DT,

Liverpool City Region, UK.


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