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A Quick Guide To: The Liverpool MetroCard & Getting Around The City Region On Public Transport

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Here Is A Quick Guide To Travelling Around Liverpool's Boroughs With The New Liverpool MetroCard

The Liverpool Metropolitan Area Transport Card, photographed in the City's Borough of Wirral (Credit: The Liverpudlian/Peter Eric Lang).
The Liverpool Metropolitan Area Transport Card, photographed in the City's Borough of Wirral (Credit: The Liverpudlian/Peter Eric Lang).

The recently released MetroCard enables you to easily get around the Liverpool Metropolitan Area, hence the name MetroCard.

The MetroCard is replacing the Walrus Card that was previously used to navigate the Liverpool City Region on public transport for the trains and busses.

Unlike a Walrus Card, you can register your MetroCard and top up your funds to travel across the City Region accordingly, like you would with a FastTag if you are driving through the tunnels.

The Liverpool City Region Boroughs included in the MetroCard transport initiative is the City of Liverpool and the Boroughs of Wirral, Sefton, St. Helen's and Knowsley. The Borough of Halton is as of yet, not included.

For example, you can buy a weekly bus pass for £16, which enables you to get any bus around the Liverpool Metropolitan Area. So you can get a bus from Wallasey or Dingle, Bootle or Birkenhead, Heswall or Crosby, West Derby or Prescot - the City Region is yours to explore and navigate.

You can switch busses and don't have to pay any more when you get onto the next one, it's all included in the price of the weekly pass, or for however long you wish to prepay online. You can also just pay when you get on the bus too.

With the MetroCard, you can also pay for the train and ferry travel too. So you can pay to use either the bus, the ferry or the train, or pay for the Liverpool Metro Trio and use all three methods of transport in the City including the train, the ferry and the bus services.

Through the MerseyTravel website you can work out the price of your journeys as there are numerous areas and zones that can alter the price of your ticket, depending on how many services your want to use and how far you want to travel.

Generally speaking, an 'Area' generally refers to a Borough in the City Region, and a 'Zone' refers to a particular district in a part of the Borough.

For example, say you lived in Huyton in the City's Borough of Knowsley and wanted to get to work in Speke in the City of Liverpool, you can pay for just the bus or train via a MetroCard using the 1 Area or 2 Zones price point.

Another example is if you live in the suburbs of the City's Borough of Wirral and want to travel to the City Centre for work, you can get the Metro Tro for £24.60 per week.

If you are wanting to just travel within your Liverpool Borough, you can get even cheaper tickets.

You can pay for the MetroCard using cash and debit or credit cards.

Once paid for, the MetroCard is contactless so you just scan your pass and can enjoy the journey.

You can prepay for a day-ticket, for a week, for a month or for the length of term-time.

The MetroCard is supported by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and the Metropolitan Mayor Steve Rotheram, as MerseyTravel is part of the Liverpool Combined Authority.


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