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A Poem By Kevin Cowdall: The Brazen Robin

A Poem By Kevin Cowdall: The Brazen Robin

Below is a poem, The Brazen Robin, by local author Kevin Cowdall, from his 2019 publication 'Natural Inclinations', celebrating a very festive time of year and the joys that it brings during this season.

The Brazen Robin

A wintering robin,

with its brazen breast,

will guard it territory

with combative zest.

Alone on a wayward stalk

of a curving road-side hedge,

one catches my eye as I walk,

and we stand there and stare

at each other while my breath

curls on the frosty morning air.

It does not flinch under my survey,

determined to hold its ground.

So I continue on my unhurried way,

bowing to its greater claim,

and leaving it alone once more

in its barren, snowy domain.

For more about Kevin Cowdall, please see our latest article about everything he is up to, as well as his work through various online shops such as Amazon.


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