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ZeteticsLive At Xpresia Festival For Eurovision EuroFest

Zetetics Live At Xpresia Festival For Eurovision EuroFest

Lika Bugaeva and her band Zetetics Music headlining live Xpresia Festival as part of EuroFest!

Their fantastic headline performance featured many of their classic songs that has seen Lika and her band sell-out numerous gigs in Kyiv. As well as a selection of songs from their new album, 'Cold Star', which was released just before the War.

The album has not been previously performed live due to the unexpected hiatus the Invasion of Ukraine led to. Therefore, making the band's Xpresia performance even more special.

Zetetics are an alternative music project from Ukraine, formed in 2014 by lead singer Lika Bugaeva. Zetetics is influenced from 90s alternative and experimental rock and electronic music, fusing alt-rock, indie and EDM.


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