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REVIEW: Tempest On Tithebarn Brunch On Opening Day

Iain Hoskins' Latest Hospitality Venture Is Proving To Be A Fantastic Opportunity With A Vast Amount To Offer The City

The latest exciting addition to the City Centre is located in Tithebarn Street which is steadily becoming another part of city that is a destination that is at the forefront of people's minds.

Located around half way down Tithebarn Street, one of the city's most historic roads, Tempest on Tithebarn has plenty to offer. From its striking appearance to the ground-floor bar and restaurant, the relaxing coffee lounge with a bakery counter, the underground club and bar. Not to mention the high-rise's open-top roof garden venue available for hire, offering stunning views across the City Centre from numerous angles, as well as a stunning view straight down Tithebarn Street that looks out onto the river with ships and ferries flowing between the historic buildings, and looking towards the city's Borough of Wirral.

From its fresh pastries and delicious coffee, you will be stuck for choice when visiting though, there's so much choice. From the array of pastries and cakes it' make enjoying a brunch.

A delicious oat cappuccino at Tempest on Tithebarn (Credit: The Liverpudlian/Peter Eric Lang).
A delicious oat cappuccino at Tempest on Tithebarn (Credit: The Liverpudlian/Peter Eric Lang).

With a chilled atmosphere that caters to everyone tastes, quite literally, you'll feel very relaxed and enjoy going for brekkie, brunch, lunch, coffee, afternoon tea, food with family and friends, catch up on some work, a couple of beers after work, a weekend chill out with some friends or for an celebratory event.

Then the question is, where? There are so many nooks and crannies, cosy corners and comfy couches that, just like with the food, there's plenty of options.

Whilst at the launch event I was able to have a great chat with Iain Hoskins, the owner of Tempest on Tithebarn, which you can listen to on the website's Podcast section, or on our YouTube or SoundCloud pages.

The venue is available to hire for gatherings, weddings and celebrations, with already a great level of interest and up-taking for the variety of unique spaces on offer.

The views from the roof-top garden are fantastic as mentioned before and will be perfect for relaxed evening gatherings with beautifully lit up lighting that will create the perfect atmosphere for great memories to be made.

Like the rooftop with it's nature-focused takeover, the ground-floor bar & restaurant has brought the outdoors in with places and foliage that compliments the draped curtains that add extra layers of visual comfort that soften the industrial concrete ceilings and steel beams, again softened by the wooden walls with nature-inspired patterns and illustraions.

You can enjoy Tempest on Tithebarn from today onward, here's the address:

Tempest on Tithebarn,

Tempest Building,

12 Tithebarn Street,

The Commercial District,

Liverpool City Centre,

City of Liverpool, L2 2DT,

Liverpool City Region, UK.

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