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Liverpool Rock Band, 'The GUIZE', To Release New Single & Music Video For 'Bardo House'

Liverpool Rock Band, 'The GUIZE', To Release New Single & Music Video For 'Bardo House'

Liverpool based up & coming pop/rock band The GUIZE is set to release their 8th single ‘Bardo House’. This will also include a release of a new music video to add to the artist’s visionary series, this being their sixth instalment.

Originating from Liverpool, UK, The GUIZE (previously known as 'GUISE') is a pop/rock band presenting some of the city's finest offers in musicianship.

The GUIZE is a melodically driven rock band with plenty of 'pop-factor', featuring massive hooks in choruses. Combining the sounds from the raw riffs of the 70's to the melodically laced overtones of the 80's, topped off with a striking, yet glamorous image.

The music video for their 8th single ‘Bardo House’ is set to be released via YouTube on the 31st January, followed by a release on all streaming platforms on the 9th of February.

Lyrically the concept behind ‘Bardo House’ tells the story through the eyes of an individual suffering a schizophrenic psychotic breakdown.

The lyrics are inspired by personal events from the band’s guitarist Jassy. One of his family members suffers with schizophrenia & when they unfortunately suffered one of their bad ‘episodes’ they thought everyone they knew was trying to get them locked up in a place they’d imagined called ‘Bardo House’ –

‘The voices in my head

They all scream Bardo!

But I know, if they take me there

I won't return home’

Jassy said: ‘It was a really heart-breaking situation to see a family member breakdown in such a way. With mental health being such a relevant & important topic today, I thought a song written in this manner, out-lining how one’s reality can be completely warped & cause completely irrational thoughts & behaviour due to mental health.'

He added: 'At first listen, the lyrics can seem somewhat overwhelming & very confusing, but that’s what I wanted to try and capture within the song, the mind of the person going through this, to help give a further understanding not only to myself, but to other people, how horrifying & disorientating going through something like that must be.’

Although this is the band’s 8th single, this will be their debut release under their new alias as ‘The GUIZE’ – previously known as ‘GUISE’.


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