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Copyright Information

Information About Copyrighted Materials


The Liverpudlian wants to ensure that all copyrighted materials are rightfully respected. Below you will find information about how we consistently strive to respect other people's copyright and in turn, have our own copyrights respected too.

Last Updated: 06/08/2021.


Working With Other People's Copyrighted Materials

The majority of the content that The Liverpudlian produces and circulates on the website,, and on social media profiles such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, is original content. We do, however, work with partners and collaborate to support independent businesses, festivals, musicians, and the like in order to promote the amazing things that they are up to. In almost all of our posted images, we state the copyright holder's name on the picture in the lower right corner, as well as credit them in the description and tag or '@' their social media account in our post so that they know we are using their materials. The majority of copyrighted materials used of other people's work is often supplied by a representative or by their publicist.

The Liverpudlian's Copyrighted Materials

​All material on this website and any of our other websites, including but not limited to,, is copyright of The Liverpudlian, except where specifically stated otherwise. Visitors, members and customers may read and view the materials that we produce and publish, however, no part of this site or other websites that we operate may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, stored in a database and/or published in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission from The Liverpudlian.


The Liverpudlian does not permit the re-uploading or redistribution of any videos that we produce and/or publish without our explicit written permission. You may share a link to our original work/video, however, any distribution that is uploaded online (to sites such as YouTube or Facebook) or otherwise will be reported and taken down.


Please simply contact The Liverpudlian or send a Direct Message (DM) on official social media platforms if you wish to use any of our copyrighted work. Similarly, if by any chance, we may be using your copyrighted work unknowingly without your explicit permission, please email or DM us on social media and we will be more than happy to remove it.


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