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The Royal Liver Building, City of Liverpool, Liverpool City Region.

RLB is the icon of the City Region. It is a beacon that means so much to the Liverpudlians across this land and we're doing it justice through a selection of beautiful illustrations. You can purchase this stunning illustration on a quality acrylic paperweight. It will be perfect decoration or practical use in your home, office or at your desk to make you beam with scouse pride wherever you are.


The Liverpudlian Shop

Get quality merchandise that any true Liverpudlian from across the Liverpool City Region would adore or for those who love to visit The World in One City. Our bespoke, lovingly crafted merchandise is created by locals from across Liverpool. You can purchase beautifully framed prints of illustrations, paperweights, coffee coasters, mugs, celebratory cards, tote bags, clocks, pillows, phone accessories, clothing and more.


About Liverpool

The City of Liverpool is the epicentre of the thriving metropolis that is the Liverpool City Region, spanning six close-knit boroughs that make our great city what it is, comprising of the City of Liverpool and the Boroughs of Knowsley, Wirral, Halton, St. Helens and Sefton. Liverpool is the fifth largest city in the UK, with the Liverpool Metropolitan Area having a population of over 2 million people. Grand buildings and reaching skyscrapers line the waterfront, ships and ferries power through the River Mersey and the streets are lined with bustling crowds of workers, shoppers and tourists.


The city is world-famous as the home of: The fabled Liver Birds, the iconic Royal Liver Building which was the tallest building in Europe for over 20 years and in the UK for 50 years; The Beatles, the best-selling artists of all time; two of the biggest football clubs in the world, Liverpool FC and Everton FC; the world's first public park, Birkenhead Park, which inspired Central Park in New York City when the New York architect was visiting Liverpool; Oriel Chambers, which revolutionised architecture across the globe; the oldest deep-level underground train stations in the world, Birkenhead Central and James Street; and the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral which is the largest cathedral in the UK and fifth-largest in the world.


Not to mention scouse superstars like Steven Gerrard, David Morrissey, Paul O’Grady, Cilla Black, Sir Paul McCartney, Pete Burns, Jodie Comer, Daniel Craig, Sir Ken Dodd, Shirley Ballas and countless others. Liverpool is truly a melting pot of innovation, talent and pure magic.

Royal Liver Building | Paperweight

  • This set of four (x4) coffee coasters are lightweigh one-sided printed masonite board with cork backing. These are superb for both hot and cold drinks and have a high quality vibrant print with a glossy finish.

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