Understanding The Liverpool City Region & How It Intends To Continue 'Building On Its Strengths'

The Six Boroughs Of Liverpool Have Been Encouraged To Continue To Keep 'Building On Its Strengths' To Protect Its Future

The Commercial District in the heart of Liverpool City Centre (Credit: The Liverpudlian/Peter Eric Lang).
The Commercial District in the heart of Liverpool City Centre (Credit: The Liverpudlian/Peter Eric Lang).

What Is The Liverpool City Region?

After much deliberation of how the six boroughs could be brought together in a more unifying way, the City's six borough councils agreed to the Liverpool City Region - the Liverpudlian equivalent to The City of London & Greater London as well as The City of Manchester & Greater Manchester.

The Liverpool City Region is:

  • City of Liverpool.

  • Borough of Wirral.

  • Borough of Sefton.

  • Borough of Halton.

  • Borough of St. Helens.

  • Borough of Knowsley.

The Liverpool City Region can also be referred to as the Liverpool Metropolitain Area and the Liverpool Bay Area which also encompasses the waters surrounding the six boroughs too.

The Liverpool City Region brings the City's boroughs together under the one roof to further drive unity, investment and a sense of identity.

Essentially, it boils down to Scousers making the decisions over Londoners. The intention is that Liverpudlians can make more informed decisions over what Liverpool Boroughs need as they live here, rather than Londoners that don't live here.

City Of Liverpool & Liverpool City Region Mayors

In the Liverpool City Region there are two Mayors that are elected to represent the people of the city.

The City Of Liverpool Mayor represents the Central-most borough of the Region and that is their entire focus as it is the most populous borough and includes the City Centre.

On the other hand the Liverpool City Region Mayor is there to represent all six boroughs and work alongside the City Of Mayor to ensure that the City Region prospers.

The City of Liverpool Mayor is responsible for the City of Liverpool, the central-most Borough in the Region.