INTERVIEW: Emily Lansley Of Stealing Sheep Talks Headlining FestEVOL, Lyrics & Lockdown Creativity

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

The Liverpudlian Chats To Stealing Sheep Band Member, Emily Lansley, About Life & Creativity During Lockdowns, Headlining A Festival This Summer & The Depth To Lyrics

Liverpool band Stealing Sheep with all three members including Bex Hawley (top), Luciana Mercer (middle) & Emily Lansley (lower) featuring in the photograph (Credit: Mariella Driskell/Image Supplied by Publicist).
Liverpool band Stealing Sheep with all three members including Bex Hawley (top), Luciana Mercer (middle) & Emily Lansley (lower) featuring in the photograph (Credit: Mariella Driskell/Image Supplied by Publicist).

I met with Emily Lansley of the experimental Liverpool electro-pop band, Stealing Sheep. We met on an exceptionally warm day at the bustling Bookbinder on Lark Lane for a coffee.

The meeting started rather amusingly, as I found a table inside by the window, I however, did not realise that Emily was directly on the other side of the window, at a table sitting outside. After sending a text and realising where each of us was, I made my way outside and was warmly greeted by Emily.

'lyrics can be - they're quite sort of revealing, aren't they?' - Emily Lansley, Stealing Sheep.

The sunshine was illuminating the street beautifully and bringing out the vivid colours in the leafy, densely populated suburbs of Liverpool. We sat looking out onto the street which was brimming with the buzz of cars, various storefront renovations, shoppers, and people getting brunch and coffee.

After chatting for a little while and ordering some delightful coffees from Bookbinder's attentive staff, we thought why not just get into it and record the conversation.

The Liverpudlian Chats To Emily Lansley (Full Interview):

The interview is available through both the written article which you can read below, and through the audio recording available through YouTube and other platforms like SoundCloud, which are embedded in this article. You can listen to the full, nearly 13 minutes of relaxed conversation, with the rich sound of the life of the city in the bustling suburbs of Liverpool, as the backdrop to Emily and Peter's conversation.

Emily Lansley (Stealing Sheep): Right, are we going?

Peter Eric Lang (The Liverpudlian): Yeah, right, so, we're going. Hello. I'm with Emily from Stealing Sheep. This is The Liverpudlian and we're just gonna be having a little chat about the upcoming stuff that's going on. So, are you okay Emily? Just general, how are you? Are you good?

Emily: 'Yeah I'm really good thanks. It's nice and sunny.'

Peter: 'Yeah it is, it is lovely. We're at The Bookbinder cafe on Lark Lane and we're just having a coffee and a nice chat.'

Emily: 'Outside in the sun.'

[Lockdown Creativity]

Peter: 'Outside in the sun. It's very warm but it's lovely out. We were talking before, we were saying, how's lockdown been over the last year? Has it been sort of good? Bad? Like, has it been good for creativity or a bit of a hindrance or...? Anyway, go on Emily, you were saying?'

Emily: 'Okay well, I was saying that you know the whole Covid thing has been, obviously really bad, but at the same time it's been kind of good because the band, you know, we've been working for ten years solidly, pretty much. You know, we've been working really hard so it's kind of like, a well deserved break for us. To just have some time, one of us, one of the band [members], Bex [Hawley], had a baby.

We've all sort of just had a bit of a break really, and actually it's kind of helped us creatively. We're working quite differently than we used to, and it's given us a bit of independence, from each other but also just to go away and try and figure out as individuals our creative pathways if you know what I mean? Cause we're all quite, we work quite differently but we have to find a kind of way to match up when we do, do things.

So, anyway, yeah, I think it's been really good. I've felt like, personally I've just had time to not be tryna write stuff for things and be panicking or... feel like it has to be a certain type of music, or, "it needs to be poppy" cause then the label will like it, or it needs to be a single.