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Glastonbury Surpasses Dubai & Vegas — Named ‘Ultimate’ Hen Do Destination In League With Liverpool

Glastonbury Surpasses Dubai & Vegas To Be Named The ‘Ultimate’ Hen Do Destination Alongside The 'Holy Trinity' Consisting Of Liverpool, Newcastle & Benidorm

Liverpool is one of the top Hen & Stag Do destinations in Europe (Credit: The Liverpudlian).
Liverpool is one of the top Hen & Stag Do destinations in Europe (Credit: The Liverpudlian).

The UK recenly had Glastonbury take over our the country's attention, and it turns out that it has become quite the desitnation for brides to be. Glastonbury in a recent poll has surpassed the likes of Dubai a Vegas to be named the ‘ultimate’ Hen Do destination alongside The 'Holy Trinity' which consists of Liverpool, Newcastle & Benidorm.

A weekend spent camping in a muddy field may not sound like a traditional Hen Do, however, a trip to Glastonbury is officially the most sought-after hen do destination for British brides-to-be.

Almost one in three brides said a glamping trip to Worthy Farm would be their dream destination – pipping a five-star trip to Dubai into second place.

While Liverpool has long been the most popular hen party destination, a reasonably priced Spanish resort has seen a massive booking boom during the cost-of-living crisis. With trips to Benidorm – where a fried breakfast famously costs as little as €1 - have shot up 700% since 2018, and with bookings doubling in the last year alone.

Over 200,000 fans flocked to Worthy Farm during the Glastonbury Weekend to see superstars like Lizzo rock the Pyramid Stage, and a Hen Party expert believes Glastonbury is in many ways the 'perfect' destination.

A leading industry expert, Matt Mavir, Managing Director of Last Night of Freedom (LNoF), said: 'A Hen Weekend is about bonding and making memories, and where’s better for that than Glastonbury'.

He added: 'Increasingly, music festivals have become a popular alternative to your traditional stag or hen weekend away in places like Newcastle or Dublin.'

Matt, said: 'If the bride or groom is a music lover, then a weekend of drinking and watching live acts seems like the ideal send-off.'

The party-focused company presented ten different dream destinations to Hens – including going clubbing in Ibiza or a having the chance for a glitzy break to Las Vegas in the United States. Yet, out of the 419 LNoF customers polled, 31% said that they would instead choose the Somerset countryside and head for Glastonbury.

However, while the idea of spending your hen weekend slumming it near a field of cows may seem surprising, Glastonbury’s glamping packages don’t come cheap.

A stint at the hen-friendly Glastotel – which includes cocktails, concierge service and flushing toilets – costs up to £3,200 for the weekend. And incredibly, that doesn’t even include a ticket, which this year cost a staggering £335 before booking fees.

Yet while the survey highlighted where hens would flock if money wasn’t an option, in real life, it is budget-friendly destinations that are currently taking the most businesses.

He added: 'While groups would love to spend £3,000 camping at Glastonbury or jetting off to Dubai, the reality is that most people are having to watch their spending in the current climate, so these dream destinations remain just that'.

Matt concluded: 'However, while the destination can definitely enhance the weekend, ultimately what matters is who you share it with – and it doesn’t matter if that’s in a glamping tipi or a pop-up tent.'


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