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City Theatre Set To Perform Their Hottest Outrageous Comedy Musical — Bow & Arrow: Plebs Of Sherwood

The Hottest Comedy Musical This Summer Comes To Hope Street Theatre — Bow & Arrow: Plebs Of Sherwood

The hottest comedy musical this Summer comes to Hope Street Theatre — Bow & Arrow: The Plebs Of Sherwood (Credit: City Theatre/Supplied By Publicist).
The hottest comedy musical this Summer comes to Hope Street Theatre — Bow & Arrow: The Plebs Of Sherwood (Credit: City Theatre/Supplied By Publicist).

This week City Theatre will be increasing the temperature with their hottest adult comedy to date, the outrageous comedy musical, Bow & Arrow: The Plebs of Sherwood.

The musical is written and directed by Barry Levy in which this adult only show follows two best friends Bow Scar played by Abi Tyrer & Arrow Hunter played by Johnny Sedgwick-Davies.

Whilst this brand-new Sherwood story from City Theatre might be the third installment in the Bow & Arrow series, it has its own independent story that does not require you to have seen the previous two shows.

City Theatre's Bow & Arrow The Plebs of Sherwood will run from the 6th of July until the 8th of July, taking place at the Hope Street Theatre in Liverpool City Centre. The show will start at 7pm, with ticket available on the door — though, it's best to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Here is a spoiler free synopsis of the musical to give a sample of what's in store. The production kicks off one year after our last visit to the Nottingham village, where we see Lincoln ‘The King’ Hardwood (played by Leo Hewitson) and Arrow Hunter return from the crusades overseas, while his best friend has had a year of uncontrollable wild fun. Even the Sherwood Nuns can’t keep ‘The Femdom of Sherwood’ Bow Scar in line.

The show includes returning characters such as Gob (played by Louis Cashin Harris) & Princess Elle Hardwood (played by Molly Riley) who are both up to their usually naughty antics.

Also returing to the musical at Hope Street Theatre is a heartbroken Maid Marian (played by Elisha Mai) who dreams of seeing Robin Hood (played by Shaun Herr) once again and a brief appearance by Ursula ‘The Witch of Sherwood’ (played by Lucy Walters).

Of course, this adult show wouldn’t be the same without the one and only Mistress Cage (played by Gemma Harrison), who controls the men of Sherwood with just a glance.

To mix things up and to bring an element of surprise for those that have seen the previous two installments of the series, City Theatre have introduced several new characters. This includes Duke Regal (played by Alan McDonald), Little John (played by Sean Campbell), ‘The Wizard of Kink’ Belle Vixen (played by Rebekah Moreland), Rubble ‘The Dragon’ (Shannon Griffiths) & Cedric Wyatt (Scott Lewis). After all that, it’s probably safe to say that these characters really make this a rather mature musical to say the least, so be prepared!

This is show strictly for 18+ only, so if you don't fancy an adult-themed play, then this may not be the show for you. Otherwise, buy your tickets today before they sell out like their previous productions such as WARNOCK and Snow White & The Scouse Queen.

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