A Brief History Of St. John's Beacon & How It Became Radio City Tower

Radio City Helped Save St. John's Beacon From Demolition By Moving In And Redeveloping The Tower For £5 Million Pounds

St. John's Beacon has towered above the Liverpool City Region's skyline since it's completion in 1969.

The tower was originally a large chimney for St. John's Shopping Centre, although after health and safety legislation at the time ruled that out, it was quickly turned into a revolving restaurant which opened in 1971, however, after it's closure in 1979 and a brief reopening in the mid 1980s, the tower was nearly demolished.

Thankfully Radio City saved the Liverpudlian icon in 1999 with refurbishments that cost £5,000,000 over the course of just 16 months! This helped ensure the tower would remain a staple icon of the Liverpool City Region for future generations.

In 2010, the tower simultaneously opened up as a Viewing Gallery, offering a 360° sightseeing tour for both locals and tourists alike, again helping secure the tower's position as being firmly part of the lives of the people in the Region.

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