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 The Liverpudlian's House Style  

 Understand Liverpool's Styling    

 House Style 

When writing about the news and events on The Liverpudlian, the periodical and its writers use a particular set of rules that include:

  • The Liverpudlian uses British English in its articles.

  • The website strives for exemplary organisation and accuracy, it, therefore encompasses a number of strategies to ensure that The Liverpudlian can record information and offer it to readers in a way that is easy to access and navigate, in addition to making content that is easy to consume and understand:

    •  In-Article Dates  - Refers to dates in full.

    •  Tags/Topics   - Makes extensive use of 'tags' on articles in order to organise and collate relevant information.

    •  Names Of Locations  - Proper Refers to an area/location with its full title in order to ensure that everyone is able to understand the information of any age and knowledge level, not just those 'in the know'.

    •  Multi-Media Content  - Provides as much multi-media content as possible to ensure as much of a diverse record as possible.

    •  Full Headings  - In order to ensure that the correct and intended message is being conveyed to readers, all article headlines will be in full and avoid sensationalisation, cutting out words and misdirection.

    •  Proper & Full Sentences  - The Liverpudlian's aim is to tell a story that will stand the test of time. In order to ensure this, accuracy is key when referring to dates, locations and knowledge. We do not assume everyone has a detailed knowledge of the event or place as we may have.

  • The Liverpudlian capitalises a number of particular words, phrases and names that we strive to keep consistent as we deem these worthy in stature of an upper case letter. We aim to provide crisp and concise information that is conveyed with as much accuracy as possible. Examples include:

    •  Liverpool City Region  - The correct way to address LCR is in capitalisation, however, it is often used in many other places sporadically such as Liverpool city Region or Liverpool City region.​

    •  Region/City Region  - Referring to the Liverpool City Region.

    •  The Six Boroughs  - Referring to The Six Boroughs of the Liverpool City Region.

    •  Borough  - If generally referring to a general reference of the administrative nature of a borough, it will be in lower case however if referring to one of The Six boroughs, such as Wirral, Sefton or Halton, the word would generally start with a capital letter unless there are too many references and additional capitalisation would make the text more difficult to read.

    •  Mayor  - Referring to the two Mayors of Liverpool: The City of Liverpool Mayor and The Liverpool City Region Mayor (Also known as the Metropolitan Mayor, or Metro Mayor for short).


Whilst we acknowledge that this House Style may be rather specific to The Liverpudlian and not used widely by other media & culture outlets across the UK, it is a system that enables us to provide, what we believe, is a full offering in the way that we see as valuable to our audience. The reason that it is specific though, is because we focus expressly on Liverpool and its Six Borough - therefore we can be hyper-specific with our language, terminology and house style.

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