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The Commercial District,

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The historic Commercial District is an area with a culmination of extensive history through the centuries. It forms just behind Liverpool Town Hall and is home to more than 500 businesses in a corner of the City Centre that beautifully mixes towering Grade Listed buildings, modern developments, a variety of high rises, an assortment of office blocks and soaring skyscrapers. This densely packed part of the Liverpudlian landscape is a must-visit for quaint independent coffee shops and high-class restaurants, including dining with a view of the City Region on the 34th storey of West Tower.

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Quick Facts For The Commercial District

Liverpool Borough It's Located In: City of Liverpool.

Neighbouring Areas: The Seven Streets Quarter, The Gay Quarter, The Waterfront District, Liverpool Waters.

Tallest Building: West Tower, standing at 

History Of The Commercial District

The Commercial District dates back hundreds of years. It was one of the first areas to be developed after the original Seven Streets of Liverpool (that area is now referred to as The Seven Street Quarter), it has been home to numerous newspapers including the Liverpool Mercury, the Liverpool Herald and the Liverpool Daily Post until 2013, and countless of businesses.

The Liverpool Post & Echo Building, also referred to as City Building and Metropolitan Building, was completed in 1974 and soars 18 storeys high.

It gained its most recent skyscraper, West Tower, after its completion in 2008, the year the City was crowned European Capital of Culture.

Future Of The Commercial District

The Commercial District has a bright future ahead with an ever-growing array of skyscrapers being proposed for the area, although it recently suffered a cultural setback with the loss of the much treasured Bixteth Street Gardens to the Pall Mall expansion in the District, despite an abundance of derelict space surrounding the area. However, it will hopefully find green space in other ways for the hard-working Liverpudlian urbanites that flock to the sprawling historic area of commerce to enjoy their lunch with the songs of the birds in the near future.

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