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A Note Regarding Photography

A Note Regarding Photography

We produce a wide variety of content and for our original projects and works, using our own photography and videos. We also write about exciting and interesting news and events as a way to record what is happeneing across the Liverpool City Region, as well as to help promote, uplift and bolster the position of people and businesses; from up-and-coming musicians to growing locals businesses, people who are visiting Liverpool to put on a show, as well as companies that are making waves and enjoying great success. We like to give people a platform so they can succeed in what they're doing.


We want to do our best to support everyone, this includes the diverse set of creatives that help bring all of these ideas to life in such a visual manner — including photographers (we have covered gigs and events before as photographers/videographers so we know first-hand that it's always nice to get tagged).


For one reason or another we can't always guarantee that we can find the a name for a photographer or videographer, but we would genuinely like to know so we can give you the credit you deserve! So, if you do spot a piece of your work on our website or across our socials — please let us know and we will get you credited.

We like to reference and credit the photographer if we know their name below each image on our website, and on socials we like to explicitly put in for example, the Instagram Description or in the Tweet. Just because it has gone live doesn't mean that we can't still add credit. We can reply to a Tweet and tag your username, and we can edit the Instagram post to reflect your credit with a tag to your profile in the description. You can use our contact form, or please just feel free to email us drectly on: and we'll get you credited. If you can include your name that you go by as a photographer and the handle that we can tag, that would be great. Thanks in advance.

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